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If humans came with a care label, it would say “Performs Best When Exposed to Fresh Air, Sunlight and Water.” Too often, our lives are depleted of these essentials. Hook Life was inspired by moments when we come to life on the water. Our Moments blog captures them to enjoy when you can't be out on the water yourself. So please take a moment to enjoy and to share one of your moments with us.

Flying Fish Comes to Life

Take a moment to watch Dimitry bring the flying fish to life.


Flying Fish

Family – Exocoetidae


Flying fish can be seen soaring over warm ocean waters around the world.  These torpedo-shaped forage fish escape predators by accelerating to over 35 miles per hour and beating their tails rapidly to take flight.  Flying fish can glide over 200 yards at a time and over 400 yards in consecutive flights.


There are at least 40 known species of flying fish – omnivores that feed on plankton and other organisms in sunlit surface waters.  With their transparent wing-like fins, they are marvels of adaptation with a delicate beauty in flight.


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Flying Fish line art

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