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If humans came with a care label, it would say “Performs Best When Exposed to Fresh Air, Sunlight and Water.” Too often, our lives are depleted of these essentials. Hook Life was inspired by moments when we come to life on the water. Our Moments blog captures them to enjoy when you can't be out on the water yourself. So please take a moment to enjoy and to share one of your moments with us.

Taking Flight @ www.hook.life

Opening our online store is a big waypoint for us.


Hook Life was born as a bumper sticker that spread virally to cars, boats and pick-ups across Long Island.  So we put the logo on a T-shirt…and it took off too!  Today we are a growing line of popular caps, T-shirts, sweat shirts, fleece vests and EcoMotif bandanas.


We created Hook Life for people love the ocean, marine animals and plants.  For anglers, boaters and sailors.  For beachcombers, surfers and sun worshippers.  Friends and family.  For anyone who come to life on the water.


Hook Life offers an iconic brand and nature’s designs in high-quality products that feel comfortable and look sharp.  We are also committed to donating 5% of profits to oyster reef restoration for clean water and healthy marine ecosystems.


Check out our new store and share your Hook Life moment at http://hook.life/MomentsShare.php.




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