ECOMOTIF® Bandanas

Bandanas are fashion. They are protective wear for your head and neck. And they are the pocketknife of apparel – a wearable tool of many uses. ECOMOTIF® bandanas are works of art that really work – our take on an iconic fashion with a vivid history.

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Tie and Carry

Works Best With Frequent Applications of Seawater, Fresh Air and Sunshine

Immerse, air dry in sun, repeat as necessary. Otherwise just launder with your cotton colors. Your new bandana will soften in the first wash.

Care for Hook Life fishing bandanas by immersing in sea water and sun drying - repeat as necessary

History of an American Tradition

Seafarers brought the first bandanas to Europe from India over 200 years ago. Called badhnati (to tie in Sanskrit), they were squares of fabric tie-dyed in vivid colors and patterns. They became popular fashions, practical apparel and ultimately very useful tools.

Pirates brought the anglicized bandanoes to the colonies and an American fashion classic was born. In 1775, a printer defied a British ban on printing textiles to make a bandana with General George Washington on horseback. Bandanas have depicted American personalities, causes and products ever since. In 1889, the great boxer John Sullivan fought a highly anticipated bout with Jake Kilrain. To help the crowd follow the action, each boxer chose a bandana to wrap around his waist and hang in his corner.

1775 bandana with George Washington on horseback
marine plankton design of EcoMotif bandana
Rosy the Riveter WW II
Historic bandanas of George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Rosy the Riveter
Manufactured in the USA

During World War II, Rosy the Riveter wore a red bandana while flexing her biceps at the Axis powers she helped defeat. Eye-catching bandanas have advertised the Beatles, Harley Davidsons, Kelloggs cereal and the New York Yankees. Bandanas are part of the signature image of bikers, cowboys, farmers, pirates, railroad engineers and scouts. Celebrities Axyl Rose, Bruce Springsteen and Rihanna have adopted the look.

We are proud to continue this great American tradition with ECOMOTIF® bandanas manufactured in the USA.

All seven EcoMotif fishing bandanas displayed in a fan against shallow waters of a pebbly beach
Rolled up EcoMotif bandanas in a scattered display
Dockside picnic of wine, cheese and apple set on a blue EcoMotif Water fishing bandana
Beautiful water color fashion sketches by Hook Life designer
Young woman wearing stylish black EcoMotif marine life fishing bandanas by Hook Life
Woman glances back in purple EcoMotif marine life fishing bandanas by Hook Life
Young men in black and red EcoMotif marine life fishing bandanas by Hook Life
Green, blue and red EcoMotif fishing bandanas floating at the seashore
Man hand printing green EcoMotif marine life fishing bandanas with kelps and seaweeds
EcoMotif fishing bandanas gift set in elegant gold and black packaging by Hook Life