Hook Life’s Commitment

Once upon a time, not so long ago, great oyster reefs kept our coastal waters clean and alive. Today 80% of the reefs are gone – a keystone species devastated by poor water quality, pollution, disease, dredging and over-harvesting.

We believe in direct action to save the waters we love and give 5% of profits to oyster reef restoration.

Oysters are nature’s filters. A single oyster filters up to 50 gallons of water a day – an acre of oysters scrubs over 20 million gallons daily. Without their powerful cleansing action, our waters are vulnerable to run-off contamination, pollutants, algae blooms and turbidity.

Oysters grow in clusters, forming protective reefs in our tidal zones. Reef depletion destroys habitat and nature’s defense against erosion and storm damage.

Let’s help clean and revitalize our coastal waters by returning oyster reefs to their former glory.

Thanks for your support!

Hook Life animation of an oyster acting as nature's water filter to clean polluted seawater
Hook Life oyster reef restoration logo says Save Our Reefs, Clean Our Waters - Your Purchase Supports Oyster Restoration

Hook Life supports CORE oyster reef restoration community effort for clean and healthy coastal waters
CORE founders Aaren Freeman and Ruth Coffey and scenes from their community oyster restoration efforts

CORE is a community effort of Long Island, NY oyster advocates – scientists, students, schools, restaurants, businesses, volunteers and civic leaders including led by Adelphi University marine biologists Aaren Freeman and Ruth Coffey.
Their mission is to restore Long Island’s oyster reefs by recycling oyster shell from restaurants, festivals and other sources.

Oyster Shell Recycling + Oyster Reef Restoration = Clean Coastal Waters, Healthy Marine Ecosystems, Storm Barriers


Logo of the Billion Oyster Project, a leader in New York Harbor oyster restoration efforts

Billion Oyster Project (BOP)

BOP is an effort to restore a sustainable oyster population and to foster awareness, affinity and understanding of the Harbor by engaging New Yorkers directly in the work of restoring one billion oysters.


Logo of NY-NJ Baykeeper organization that repopulates oysters in New York and New Jersey bays

NY/NJ Baykeeper

Baykeeper’s restoration work focuses on repopulating New York and New Jersey bays with oysters and creating sustainable habitat in order to monitor and improve the health of the estuary’s ecosystem.